Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox History

The arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) is very similar to the red fox but is typically smaller and not as commonly kept as a pet. An animal that has adapted to life in the Arctic, it is sensitive to hot temperatures and may overheat easier than other foxes. Measures to keep it cool may be necessary. Due to a small breeding stock in the U.S., Arctic foxes are overbred and some possess genetic problems.


It is not well suited to life indoors since it scent marks its territory. It also loves to play in sand and dirt and may make their litter box more of a pleasure sandbox than a bathroom spot. As far as foxes go, it can have a pleasant disposition.

Arctic Fox Care Facts

Arctic Foxes are undoubtedly a unique and interesting pet. There probably is not a better conversation starter. Like all uncommon exotic pets, their unique traits and behaviors will keep their owner interested and captivated. Having the opportunity to live and bond with an animal like a fox is an amazing experience....

  • Arctic foxes are very high-energy animals that needs lots of opportunities to run, play, forage, and dig.
  • Non-desert foxes will generally require an outdoor enclosure measuring around 10' x 10' at the very least.
  • Their behaviors might frustrate a person expecting the adaptability of a socialized dog or cat.
  • Foxes can be flighty. They may not want to cuddle with you very often.

Arctic Fox Health Issues

While the wild fox can be a vector for rabies, you should have your Artic Fox immunized for rabies and distemper because in most jurisdictions, if a pet fox or other exotic mammal bites someone and that person reports it, the animal will most likely be euthanized so it can be tested for rabies....

  • Susceptible to canine distemper and rabies
  • Can develop heartworm issues and requires monthly treatment
Arctic Fox Overview

Arctic Fox Characteristics

  • Affection Level Medium
  • Friendliness Medium
  • Kid-Friendly Low
  • Pet-Friendly Low
  • Exercise Needs High
  • Playfulness High
  • Energy Level High
  • Intelligence High
  • Tendency to Vocalize Medium
  • Amount of Shedding Medium

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