Scottish Fold Kilts

Scottish Fold Kilt History

Scottish Fold Kilts are cats whose breed is a combination of two unique breeds of domestic cats...a Munchkin Cat and Scottish Fold. Because each of these breeds have distinctive traits due to genetics of their own, when mated produce one of the most unique and cutest breeds in the world.

Scottish Fold Munchkins most well-known characteristic is their folded ears, but they are not actually born with them. The cat that carries the gene starts folding about 3-4 weeks after birth. Additionally, they have very short legs with the back ones longer than the front legs which make their back rise up a little bit.

Scottish Fold Kilt Care Facts

the Scottish Fold Kilt is one of the sweetest, calmest cat breeds. He loves to be around people big and small, old and young, and also gets along great with other cats and cat-friendly dogs. While being a pretty neat cat, but there are always a few things to consider...

  • Coat needs attention a couple of times per week
  • Activity needs to be encouraged
  • Loves to be around people
  • Will become your shadow at home

Scottish Fold Kilt Health Issues

Because two distinct breeds are involved, the Scottish Fold Kilt is a pretty healthy breed, but there are some hereditary health problems to be aware of...

  • Athritis
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • Lordosis of the spine
Scottish Fold Kilt Overview

Scottish Fold Kilt Characteristics

  • Affection Level High
  • Friendliness High
  • Kid-Friendly High
  • Pet-Friendly High
  • Exercise Needs Medium
  • Playfulness High
  • Energy Level Medium
  • Intelligence Medium
  • Tendency to Vocalize High
  • Amount of Shedding Medium

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