Small Spotted Genets

Spotted Genets

Small Spotted Genet History

Small Spotted Genets have recently grown in popularity as exotic pets because of their beautiful markings. They slightly resemble a kitten but have the face of a ferret, cheetah spots and the tail of a lemur. They are quick, agile, and solitary creatures that require special care, but for the right owner, they can make fun pets.


Genets are not a hands-on pet. They are usually aloof and independent. If you plan to take them outside, a harness will need to be worn. Start harness training at a young age and practice with them indoors so they get used to it.

Small Spotted Genet Care Facts

The Small Spotted Genet is prone to behavioral problems as a result of being rehomed. This creature usually bonds with its original owner and if abandoned or surrendered, the psychological stress from being separated from its bonded owner is likely to make it distrusting of humans for the rest of its life....

  • Your genet should have a huge, secure enclosure at least 4 feet by 8 feet with a height of 6 feet.
  • If a genet can fit its head through something, it can get its whole body out, too.
  • The small spotted genet should only be caged when you are not around. Otherwise, it will need at least three hours of supervised playtime outside of the cage daily.
  • Most small spotted genets can be litter box trained.

Small Spotted Genet Health Issues

Small spotted genets generally are very healthy and resistant to diseases. As already mentioned, behaviorial problems might be an issue for a subsequent owner....

  • Genets tend to mark their territory. When you get your genet spayed or neutered, you can have their scent glands removed.
  • Genets can do well if they grow up with dogs and cats. However, exclusive attention increases the chance of your genet bonding with you.
  • If not socialized from a young age or handled frequently, they may be shy, wary of people, or skittish.
Small Spotted Genet Overview

Small Spotted Genet Characteristics

  • Affection Level Medium
  • Friendliness Medium
  • Kid-Friendly Low
  • Pet-Friendly Low-Medium
  • Exercise Needs High
  • Playfulness High
  • Energy Level High
  • Intelligence High
  • Tendency to Vocalize Low

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